Tree Plantation : The other motive of Samarth Sainik Lohara is Environment Protection. The group has started the mission from Cremation Ground (Samsan Ghat). After getting Cremation Ground (Samsan Ghat) cleaned and leveled, approximately 210 trees of various varieties have been planted there.  Samarth Sainik Lohara is maintaining the said area and undertaking the upkeep and growth of these trees.

Creation of Swarg Park : Samarth Sainik Lohara has created a modern park in village Cremation Ground (Samsan Ghat) and given name Swarg Park.  However, work on the same was executed in 29.07.2017 which was completed on 21.03.2020.  Daily bases maintenance is carrying out by the help of society members, volunteers.  Even a fulltime Mali is also appointed to look after the “Swarg Park”.

Physical Training : Samarth Sainik Lohara is providing help to youth to join defence services for last ten years. With its help, 10-15 boys joined Indian Armed Forces every year.  Till date, more than 140 boys have joined the Indian Army and serving the nation, while 10-15 boys have joined Haryana Police and other various civil jobs, which is a big achievement for the village with the grace of ‘Samarth Sainik Lohara’.  A number of native residents of Lohara village as well as from neighbouring villages have extended their help for this noble cause.

Support to Sports : Samarth Sainik Lohara has prepared Volleyball and Kabaddi teams. School going boys and girls have been participating in Kabaddi under the aegis of Samarth Sainik Lohara for last 06-07 years.  08 Kabaddi players have played at School, Block, District and State level.  Recently, 05 boys and 03 girls have been selected by School Game Federation of India to participate in future competitions. Samarth Sainik Lohara is looking forward to prepare other sports teams like Wrestling, Basketball, Badminton.

Kabaddi Tournaments : The District level Kabaddi tournament was held in Sep 2022.  Under the aegis of Samarth Sainik Lohara the girls Kabaddi team get 1st position at District level.

Volleyball Tournaments :   The inter village Volleyball tournament was held in Jul 2022 in village Lohara (Khera Stadium) and 08 teams from different villages take part in said tournament.  Under the aegis of Samarth Sainik Lohara the boys Volleyball team take part and get 2nd position.

Tailoring/Stitching Camp : Samarth Sainik Lohara has organized Tailoring/Stitching Camps.  Three months course from Nov 2019 to Jan 2020 was organized and total number of 20-22 female were get training.  Then Jul 2021 to Sep 2021 another course organized and total number of 18-20 female were get training.